The Dog – Animated music video

I don’t know how to make an animated music video.
I started reading about the proper animation techniques. And quickly become evident that this is not a process that I can endure with my short attention span. But I was committed to do it anyway.





I started with what I know. Drawing images inspired from the lyrics.
The song tell the story of a street dog that plays as a metaphor for a lonely guy that got nothing to loose, trying to run from his nature or something like that.

So, first was the running dog.
I used some old images of a racing dog as reference. And did a lot of different versions of the same 12 frames.




Then I took photos with my phone keeping the order of the frames. Inverted them all. Trow them in iMovie and loop them. And then exported a long looping video of the running dog.




Later this loop will become the base of most of the animation that I did in After Effects. I start to multiply it. Scale it. Crop it. Flip it. Mirror it. Combine it. You get the idea. And this way create more unique already moving drawings that I stitch together to tell the story.




Using the same technique I made couple of more visuals that complement the narrative. And Bam! A music video.

I made it sound like it’s super straight forward process. And it wasn’t.  This project took me around half a year from on and off experimenting with the technology. Failing multiple times to translate the ideas in my head to an animation. Luckily the guys from the band was super patient and helpful with ideas and constructive feedback.

Here is a howling dog for The End.


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