Music distribution system

System that helps music makers distribute their music through popular music platforms.



The client is a global digital distributing company that helps music makers distribute their music through popular music platforms like iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, etc. They had an existing system where musicians and their representatives could log in, upload music with a full description, and pick their distribution channels.

In mid-2016 they engaged Sunny Soft to rebuild the system from the ground up, and they asked me to design it.


The Problem

The system was created more than a decade ago and needed a complete restructuring and redesign. They also needed a landing page for the business that would explain the service and invite new customers.



Make a visually appealing landing page with a clear value proposition that would increase conversion.

Redesign the existing system to simplify and improve user experience.

Shorten the time for uploading and preparing the music.



Uploading a song or album to this kind of service is a time-consuming job to begin with. You have to enter descriptive information for each song and things involving rights. Basically, we had to make a very long form seem less daunting.

The client was set from the beginning on the design of the form fields “floating labels,” the Material Design kind.



We made it so that when you add a new product (a single or an album), you don’t need to wait for the songs to be uploaded before you start entering the information. We split the form into four sections (tabs) so it’s easy to digest. We added progress indicators so the user is aware how far from completion the new product is. Also, we added add a button, “Apply for all tracks”, to speed up the process where possible. Clarifying information was provided via tooltip alongside some of the fields so the person entering the info would not need to Google unfamiliar industry terms.





I worked in a team of two. The other person was the lead developer of the project and the main connection to the client. Some of the user experience flow ideas came from the client itself during a few conference calls where we brainstormed on the project. My responsibility was to build on the client’s ideas. Show where there could be challenges. Create mock-ups for all ideas. Refine the solutions we come up with. And design the final user interface.



At the time of writing, the system is in development. The client is happy with the progress so far and is asking for new features.


Learned Lessons

Floating labels are not a great solution for long forms.

Some wireframing in the beginning could save time.



3 months