My name is Vasil Nedelchev, I’m from Bulgaria. I work as designer of digital products and services. I’ve studied arts and transition to learn design on my own. I have been designing for the web since 2007. 


This Website

It’s a place where I collect and document my work, learnings and experiments. And I make it public with the intention of it being useful to someone else.


Get in touch

Whether you’re looking to improve your current project or you have an idea for a new one, it’s worth a quick conversation to see what I could offer you. You can send me a massage at hello@visualcrafter.com or LinkedIn,


Professional History

I started at an ad agency doing graphic design work. Spent half a year there.

From September 2007 to April 2014, I was working at SBND Technologies – a Custom Software Development company. Started there as a web designer. Learned front-end development along the way. After the mobile device boom, our focus shifted to responsive web design and UI for mobile apps.

From April 2014 to the present day, I work as an independent designer, helping companies like Evermore and SonnySoft. Designing web-based applications, responsive websites and anything in between that can be solved by design.


How I work

I operate remotely but at the same time I act as integral part of the team. Taking part in initial discussions, planning, product definition. Making wireframes, prototypes and mockups in the user experience design process. Working on visual identity for web product and services. Design the user interface. And support the development team with design consulting and visual resources.


Professional Skillset

Design Thinking
Tackling challenges systematically and efficiently.

User Experience
Empathising with the client and creating a more holistic design solution.

User Interface
Creating clear and easy to navigate environment

Web Design
Designing compelling websites to reach a greater online presence

Front-End Development Understanding 
Creating design solutions with development in mind

Communicating ideas visually


Short History

Born in 1984 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Studied arts. Taught myself graphic design. Started doing illustration and graphic design on the side. Transitioned to web design at a custom software company. Spent seven years working there, gradually moving from web to UI design. In 2014, I becаme a father. Started working as an independent designer—helping small companies build web based products and services.



In my free time, I enjoy the outdoors. Traveling to countries I’ve never been in. Running as a form of escapism and meditation. Drawing for fun, ever since I was a kid. Doing weird art projects. Dancing with my daughter. And all the rest of the cliches other people say 🙂