Japanese Birds – Collage Series [ongoing]

I’m starting a new project. I have this book with vintage images of japanese women. But the stitching is not good. And everytime I pick it up pages start falling. I can’t fix it. I can’t throw it away. So I’m doing a collage with it. I never done a collage before. Should be fun. […]

The [ongoing] Post

When you see [ongoing] in the post title that means I’m working on it. It’s work in progress. I’m sharing my process on making a project. When I have something new created I will added at the top of the post. And the post it self will jump on top of the list on the […]

Wandering – Drawing Series

After years of drawing on computer and mixing digital with a bit of analog. I wanted to do an experiment and go full analog. Just ink and paper.I usually do one off pieces. But this time I decided to challenge myself and work on a series. It’s about identity, self exploration, been lost, telling your […]

Selected illustrations

Illustrations I’ve made in the last two years. They are all inspired from thoughts and events in my daily life. This for me is a sort of visual diary. A way to document my life. Creative process Blissful solitude Flow Hold me Escape Avatar Ink zombie Prefectless Sorry Patronized Hero Like Melt Drawing drawing a […]

Continues skull

I have big appreciation for Japanese aesthetics. Special calligraphy. The images made in one uninterrupted brushstrokes, like the Ensō circle. Symbol of strength, elegance, the universe, and the void. I love the expressive qualities of it. Saying that much with a single stroke. So, in attempt to get closer to that type of expression I decided to give it a […]

The Dog – Animated music video

I don’t know how to make an animated music video. I started reading about the proper animation techniques. And quickly become evident that this is not a process that I can endure with my short attention span. But I was committed to do it anyway.         I started with what I know. […]

Video Drawings

I make these on my phone and share it in Instagram. Shoot a short video. And then draw on it and add some music using an app called Draw on Video Square. They are two that are made in After effects. See if you can spot them. And here is some gifs.   If you […]

I’m Drawing Pandas On Vogue Models

Messing around with old Vogue issue. Making sexy models look weird.                                     If you have any thoughts or feedback, let me know: hello@visualcrafter.com And if you liked this post, share it to anyone who might enjoy it as well.

How To Draw Chinese Characters – The Wrong Way

I am in to Chinese calligraphy. I bought this book to learn further. But I get bored fast and this is the result. It’s not brilliant or something but there is a few funny ones…                                         […]

Light Painting – Photos & Video

I always draw in A4 paper. It’s easy to scan and use in the computer later. I was kind a bored with that. I wanted to do something bigger. But I don’t have a studio place where I can throw paint around without caring. So here comes light painting. Flashlight. Or two. Camera. In my […]